Career Development Resources



Career in MBA & professional development will help students to make their career vision and will equip them with the tools and knowledge needed by them to achieve success in their career we help you & work with you to realize your leadership qualities. With the help of workshops, events and other resources, you can discover the career path which suits you the best.

One-on-one career coaching

While your pursuance of course through IMES, career counselors will be available to you one-on-one at every step of your course and beyond. Our experienced career counselors will help you to craft for your exams, assignments and will prepare you for interview and offer negotiations, and will help you to improve networking techniques

Career Development programs and Events

IMES formal recruitment will start with several programs organized and panel of counselors that will help you to establish a fundamental understanding of various sectors in which you can pursue your career-Finance, Marketing, Mechanical, IT, Civil etc.
Ongoing recruitment assistance can be forgone if you dream to start your own venture. You can learn a lot through informative sessions provided by our career counselors, alumni and company representatives, our courses will help you to become more educated and successful in your career.
In addition we also offers services like developing skills in areas such as networking, interviewing, resume and cover letter writing and negotiations. We often organize career related events which plays an important part in your career education and will greatly inform the choices that you make.