Structure of our courses

One of the most distinctive characteristics of IMES courses is that they cover the subject very broadly in the initial years and then become more specialized and offer a wide range of options in the later years.

The IMES Advantage: flexibility and choice

When you start your course, you may not have a clear idea of the options you want to follow. Our courses allow for this as you can delay specializing until after you’ve had the chance to fully explore the breadth of your subject and confirmed which areas you’re most interested in. However, when you graduate, you’ll have achieved the same standard and depth in your final year as graduates from more specialized courses elsewhere.
Generally speaking, the number and scope of options you can choose from increases each year. This means that, beyond any compulsory papers, you can usually tailor your course to your own specifications.
Your choices may not even be limited to those within your immediate subject field. Some options are available in more than one degree course where the subject matter overlaps.

Course structure

    Our courses are divided into ‘Parts’ & ‘Semesters’

    • One-year Courses have Two Semesters and you must pass exams in all Semesters to earn a Diploma or Certificate.
    • Two-year Courses have Four Semesters.
    • Three-year courses have Six Semesters, and you must pass exams in all Semesters.
    • Engineering subjects also have a fourth year i.e. you must pass in all Eight Semesters.

Our courses offer a tough challenge, but one our students relish. We demand a lot, but we give a lot too:

  • expert teachers and lecturers
  • excellent library and computing facilities
  • lots of support


Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favored by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.
Each Part of the course is self-contained. There are examinations at the end of each Part and there’s no averaging out for your final diploma/certificate result.In order to achieve a Diploma/certificate you must pass examinations in every Semester.

Examination Modes

  • Traditional Examination System
  • Online Examination Pattern
  • Case Studies Based Examination Pattern
  • One Sitting Based Examination Pattern

Changing course

Most students take successive Parts of the same Certificate/Diploma course. However, it’s possible to change course after one or two years. Most changes are within the engineering or within the management, but students can switch between broad areas as well. Not everything is possible but there’s a surprising degree of flexibility and, as such a wide range of subject combinations is available. You need the agreement of your college that any change is in your educational interests, and that you have the necessary background in the subject to which you wish to change.

Part-time and short courses

The Institute offers a wide range of part-time and short courses. These provide the opportunity for academic progression, or personal or career development, at any stage in life and many lead to Certificate or Diploma qualifications. Subjects available include management, engineering and many others. You can take day, evening or residential courses; and you can study at other locations in and around IMES. For some courses you can study online.