Director Speaks



Dear Students,
Welcome to IMES, Group of Institute of Management & Engineering Studies is not just a group of institution it is more than a university. I welcome you in your world (IMES). It has been an exhilarating journey of IMES from its spawning stages of being just a dream to its grandeur tangible reality as it stands before all today The journey by no means has been a cake walk but as the saying goes, “ He conquers who endures’, perseverance has finally paid off.
But the real danger lies ahead in complacency. At IMES it is the mundane, the routine, the complacent and stagnant that we strive against. As the Hindi proverb goes on to say, “Flowing water is pure and gives life” We at IMES believe that the stream of knowledge, learning should always keep flowing. This is very true when we think of globalized and connected world that we live I today.
The world is rapidly changing with new trends introduced everyday in technology and science. Our knowledge, teaching, learning should evolve with the times, there should be a stage where creativity, innovativeness ad research based education is welcomed, nurtured and implemented for the betterment of the society and humanity at large.
At IMES we believe in creating an ambience where world class facilities coalesce with ‘at-home feeling’ environment so that the students and teachers can devote their energies fully to their respective academics and in the process become torch-bearers to light up the path for a better world and a better morrow.
Wishing you great times ahead.