Member’s view


Dear Students,

Looking back with gratitude for the past Thirteen years at the journey of IMES, I reminiscence the wonderful quote by Vera Nazarian, “Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of the journey. At other times it is allowing another to take yours.”

IMES commenced with the dream of holding the hands of students in India and across the globe and making world class quality education available to them at their doorsteps.

Today IMES stands with pride hosting the Engineering, MBA colleges and an International school. We already are catering to around 3300 students and plan to double that number in the coming years. IMES aims to be a knowledge-city in itself with inclusion of more courses in its booty like Polytechnic, MCA and M.E. The purpose is that students locally and across the country don’t have to look beyond when it comes to fulfilling their academic needs.

Referring back to the above quote, to continue your journey in serving the society we sense the need of joining hands with like-minded and able institutes locally and across the globe, so that in complementing and supplementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses we can dream bigger, go further and achieve much more. Come, join hands with us and it is our hope and desire that journeying together along the way you will see your purposes and dreams change into veracity.

Best Wishes

Dr. M.B. Srivastava

Member of Advisory Board