One year Diploma in Chemical engineering


Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is applied chemistry, concerned with the design, construction & operation of machines & plants that perform chemical reactions to solve practical problems or make useful products. It is all about transformation, gaining fundamental knowledge about a substance & then using that knowledge to synthesize a solution to an important medical, mechanical or societal need. From creating face creams to fuels you need the science of Chemical Engineering.

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Programme Objective

Keeping in view the employment opportunities of diploma holders in Chemical Engineering, the course is aimed at developing following knowledge and skills in the students:

Basic understanding of concepts and principles related to applied sciences as a foundation for further studies and development of communication and interpersonal skills for effective functioning in the world of work, understanding of basic concepts and principles of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering so as to enable the students to apply the knowledge of these principles to the field of chemical engineering. Ability to read and interpret drawings related to plant layout, process equipment and components. Knowledge of various materials used in chemical processes, their properties and specifications, knowledge and associated skills of various unit operations, unit processes and process instrumentation in process industry.

The candidate has a good job prospect in the agricultural sector. There are further opportunities in the industries involved in production of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and other related sector.


Candidates who have passed any Intermediate (10th) from a recognized board with not less than 2 years of Full Time experience in a Managerial / Supervisory / Professional Role after their diploma and should currently be working in a Professional Capacity in any organization.


The Program Duration for Diploma in Engineering will be One Year comprising of Two Semesters, Students may choose to take breaks in between subjects/parts. However, they are expected to follow a normative period of Three years i.e. Students will have to complete the program within Three years from session start date.

Course Contents

First Semester Second Semester
Applied Mathematics Principle of Design
Applied Physics Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Applied Chemistry Principles & Calculations
Engineering Graphics Technical Communication
Heat Transfer Mass Transfer Operation

Fee Structure

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Candidates successfully completing the program will be awarded a diploma in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Management and Engineering Studies.