Online Exam


Online Examination

ONLINE Examination Structure:

The Guidelines for Conduct of Online Examinations should be communicated to all students. Besides, the following instructions should also be incorporated in the Guidelines already provided to IMES.

  • Time Allowed 2hrs (120 minutes) from the time of first login.
  • There will be Two Sections.
  • All the sections are compulsory. All questions therein are compulsory.
  • There will be 80 questions in section A each question of 1 mark and there will be 10 questions in the Section B each carrying 2 mark. Total 90 MCQs.
  • All questions are OBJECTIVE multiple choice. Each question will have at least 4 choices.
  • The examination site will remain operational for two hours as per prescribed time schedule, student need to complete his/her exam within this time limit no further extra time will be allowed.