Traditional Exam


Traditional Examination

Examination Pattern

Traditional Examination Structure of ETE Question Paper & Theory Examination

Maximum Marks 75 (for all category of courses)
Duration 3 hours
Distribution of questions Uniform coverage of syllabus
Percentage of Descriptive Questions 80%
Percentage of Analytical Questions 20%

Question Paper will contain 2 parts, viz. Part A & Part B

Part A: Short questions (all compulsory):

Total marks 15
Marks per question of First Five 01
Marks per question of Second Five 02
Number of questions 10
Type of questions Memory based (descriptive)

Part B: Long questions (With choice): Student is required to attempt any 6 questions out of 10

Total marks 60
Marks per question 10
Number of questions 10
Memory based (Descriptive) questions 08
Analytical questions 02


End Term Practical Exams

Total Marks 25
Split of marks will be as follows:
Execution 15 marks
Written 10 marks